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Dragon Talent Group specializes in providing unparalleled entertainment services for all types of events. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for your guests by offering a diverse range of performers and customized entertainment solutions.


Whether you're planning a corporate event, ongoing program, experiential marketing campaign or festival, we have the experience and expertise to provide customized entertainment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team of talented artists, performers, and producers work together to create stunning performances, theatrical shows, and immersive experiences that will leave your guests in awe.


From aerialists and acrobats to musicians and magicians, we offer a diverse range of entertainment options that will captivate audiences of all ages. Let us bring your vision to life and create a truly memorable event.

How We Elevate

Where the impossible becomes reality, we're there.

Entertainment Booking Services

Brand Reveal Entertainment Las Vegas

Brand Reveals 

Create a memorable experience that establishes brand identity and builds excitement around your new product or brand launch.

Close-up of an extraordinary circus performer integrated into private corporate entertainment at Dragon Talent Group's circus-themed event. Connect with us to plan your event and experience the magic of the circus!


A unique blend athleticism, artistry and storytelling, Cirque entertainment is a popular choice for brands looking to create memorable events.

Corporate Event Breakdancers Las Vegas


From solo artists to high-energy group performances, dance can be used to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Circus aerialist performing breathtaking stunts high above the crowd, enhancing the ambiance of private corporate entertainment at Dragon Talent Group's circus-themed event. Contact us for a consultation and experience this aerial spectacle!

Food and Beverage Entertainment

Food and beverage integrated entertainment is an exciting new concept that combines delicious food and drinks with interactive activities and entertainment.

Las Vegas Corporate Magicians


A powerful form of performance art that combines elements of illusion, storytelling, and showmanship to create a truly magical experience.

An awe-inspiring futuristic character with advanced robotics, the focal point of private corporate entertainment at Dragon Talent Group's exclusive corporate event. Secure your spot to interact with the future!


A strolling form of interactive entertainment that involves performers walking around an event and interacting with guests in an impactful way. 

Living Decor Corporate Entertainment

Living Decor

Living decor performers bring life to your event by transforming space in to a vibrant and captivating performance.

Corporate Entertainment DJs Las Vegas


From DJ's to bands and more, experience the thrill of live musical entertainment that will have you up on your feet and dancing all night!

Breakdancers in Las Vegas

Production Shows

Live production shows are thrilling entertainment experiences that bring performances to life with captivating visuals, dynamic sounds and live performers.

Corporate Event Speakers and Spokespeople


Live speakers bring their unique insight and voice to an event, allowing audiences to be inspired and engaged in real-time.

Close-up of an enchanting circus contortionist, wowing the audience with incredible flexibility at Dragon Talent Group's circus-themed corporate event. Secure your spot to witness this extraordinary act!


From contortionists to fire performers, specialty acts are performances that showcase unique and extraordinary talent, often incorporating surprise and spectacle.

Team Building

Team building games are a fun and interactive way to strengthen the bonds between coworkers and foster collaboration in the workplace.


Tribute artists are performers who capture the essence of a legendary artist by expertly recreating their look, sound, and stage presence.

Live Event Painters

Visual Arts

Live visual artists provide corporate entertainment performances that brings your event to life with engaging, interactive art experiences.

Chinese Musicians Las Vegas


World entertainment is an ever-evolving landscape of stories, music, and experiences that bring joy and enrichment to people from around the globe.

From Concept to Curtain Call

Close-up of a dynamic futuristic dancer, captivating the audience with their futuristic moves at Dragon Talent Group's exclusive corporate event. Reserve your spot to witness this dance innovation!




  1. Strategic Creativity

  2. Conceptual Storyboarding and Ideation

  3. Choreography

  4. Written Content Creation

  5. Curated Living Decor and Environmental Props

  6. Cinematic Videography Direction

  7. Direction and Conceptualization

  8. Script Creation and Development


  1. Immersive Experience Planning and  Design

  2. Interactive Performance Design and Coordination

  3. Lighting and Visual Effects Design

  4. Costume and Makeup Design

  5. Stunt and Acrobatics Design and Coordination

  6. Special Effects Design

  7. Character Development and Design

  8. Environmental Motion Graphics Design


  1. Live Event Production & Strategy

  2. Production Management and Coordination

  3. Digital Production

  4. Event Logistics and Planning

  5. Costuming and Makeup Services

  6. Dancer and Performer Casting and Management

  7. Prop and Wardrobe Management

  8. Staging Services


  1. Brand Storytelling

  2. Content Development and Strategy

  3. PR & Marketing Stunts

  4. Digital No Contact Experiences

  5. Consumer Education & Engagement

  6. Talent & Spokesperson Management

  7. Experiential Publicity

  8. Media Management

A neon mythical body painted character produced by Dragon Talent Group
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