Why is Dragon different from a traditional agency?

Dragon is fully committed to reinventing why and how consumers engage with live entertainment. The current entertainment agency model is obsolete and broken. Traditional marketing is dead. The event industry is suffering due to an archaic mindset. Consumers, companies and attendees now have a way to express their likes and dislikes with the simple press of a button. The definition of media is blurred. Is it an app, a social network, a viral video, an online review? Or is that a media buy, a production cost, a sponsorship or something else all together?

A social media influencer can not only make or break an event, but they can make or break an entire company. Is a corporate event a form of field marketing or is it just a party? How do you know? Clients and guests are looking for a way to be a part of the creative process. Social media serves as inspiration.  Reality TV helps them discover what is possible. Technological advances have inspired companies to plan their own events, locate venues, hire caterers, book entertainment, coordinate transportation, register attendees and more... all from a far. 

The world has become more connected. Personalization is not a trend. Transparency is not a perk, it is a moral responsibility.

The time has come to move away from the dinosaur and move toward the Dragon.

An entertainment model that allows clients and producers to develop ideas together

An agency that is flexible enough to adapt to the innovative ideas of a changing world

A partner that can customize experiences for all five senses of an extremely diverse audience

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A creative team that personalizes experiences instead of offering a value menu of canned concepts

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A transparent collective of visionaries who deeply value a diverse range of skills within multiple disciplines

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A fearless group of designers who are committed to creating trends instead of following them

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