Why are experiences better than products and services?

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

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Here at Dragon, we strongly hold the belief that products and services have no intrinsic value. Rather, it is the hope of happiness that these offerings carry. If a service is a "stage" and a product is a "prop", a client should not be led to believe that their event will be an experience without a holistic director and designer. Vision, creative strategy, guest engagement, innovation and a focus on why instead of what creates a memorable experience. If you want your experience to be legendary, unleash a Dragon.

Case Studies


Guest of Honor Special Effects Makeup with Fight Choreography and Stunts

Elements: Custom mold making of guest of honor's head, lifelike silicone masks, prosthetic robot arm, leg and torso, special FX makeup application on attendees, fight choreography, stunt coordination, pop up arcade, aerial, dueling pianos, sub zero ice cream stations, custom made ComicCon decor and more.

Cultural Immersion: Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico

Elements: Celebrity DJ, mariachis, fire performers, Dia de Los Muertos masked parade, Sugar Skull Dancers, custom made decor fabricated on location, videography with drone capture, audio illusionist, authentic Mexican cuisine and mixologists, foreign locale guest coordination and transporation.

Undercover Attendees with Surprise Celebrity Headliner

Elements: Two hours of undercover splash mob dancers posing as credentialed guests, a staged disgruntled magician , custom choreographed aqua dance routine, LED aquasphere, branded pixel juggler on rolling globe and a surprise musical performance by celebrity headliner, Flo Rida.