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About Us


Dragon Talent Group is a story driven experience agency that develops, designs and delivers engaging entertainment and environments for brands and people.

We hold the firm belief that experiential storytelling begins with you. Stories are a huge part of what makes us human. Here at Dragon, we hold the honor of bringing stories to life with the help of a wide array of talented artists, innovative designers, trusting partners, iconic brands and enthusiastic audiences. The uniqueness of each individual has made our work fulfilling and powerful. This is why we are Dragon.


About the Founders


Husband and wife team, Ronnie and Marie Silveira know the importance of a story. The yin and yang leaders founded Dragon Talent Group in 2011 as a response to the lack of balance and authenticity in the experience industry. With backgrounds in performance, advertising, event marketing, creative talent management, casting and tourism, the duo broke industry rules and designed a culture based on radical transparency, conscious capitalism, social governance and non conformity.

However, in 2015, the couple was dealt a devastating blow when one of their four sons was diagnosed with a brain malformation resulting in 20-40 seizures per day. The family was both devastated and terrified. Thankfully, with the help of UCLA Medical Center, a life saving neurosurgery was successfully performed. Despite being overjoyed, the couple felt as if the direction of their lives were off course. The painfully transformative experience had left them forever changed. With the encouragement of Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, the couple was provided with parent to parent emotional support as part of their own recovery. By fate, the kind words of their parent counselor was none other than Wolfgang Puck CEO and philanthropist, Carl Schuster. Mr. Schuster's compassion and personal story inspired the Silveira's to use their own sphere of influence and resources to change the focus of their company in order to make a greater impact. From that point forward, a new Dragon emerged, now with a deeper sense of purpose. If one person's compassionate story could change lives, imagine what thousands of stories could do. 



Dragon Talent Group is the creative bridge between WHY and WHAT IF.